#17 VitaIslandViews – Red Art Games

Hi VitaIslanders! So, in 2019 we get an E3 without Sony - interesting stuff. They also want to have their own event instead to offer the beat experience to the community, though not during E3 times. Let's see what the future brings, but my best guess is that we shouldn't expect new hardware then within... Continue Reading →


#1 VitaIslandPreViews – Rainbow Skies Theme

Hi VitaIslanders! I was lucky enough to get a quick look on an upcoming theme for our PS Vita, thanks to our VitaIsland friends from Eastasiasoft, and want to share this with you. As you probably know, you can download system themes on your Vita via the PSN store in order to customize system icons,... Continue Reading →

#16 VitaIslandViews – Emerald Shores

Hi VitaIslanders, hope you are having a great time, to enjoy the day even more, I have a new interview for you! This time with Josh Forde, the developer of Emerald Shores! ________________________________________ 1. How did you come up with the idea for Emerald Shores? This started back when PlayStation Mobile was still a thing,... Continue Reading →

#2 – VITAlity

Hey VitaIslanders,  hope you are doing great! Here's a quick update to start the weekend. _________________________________________________________________ Instagram: So, my brandnew Japanese import Vita in Glacier White arrived! 🙂 And it looks so wonderful that I decided to take a lot of pictures of it from now on - and I created an Instagram channel to... Continue Reading →

#15 VitaIslandViews – Jack N Jill DX

Hey VitaIslanders,  hope you are fine! I've got a new interview for you - this time with Rohan Narang, the developer of Jack N Jill DX, which just released on PSN this week! Enjoy! ___________________________________________________________________ Hi Rohan,  thanks for taking your time for this interview! Here my questions: 1. How did you come up with... Continue Reading →

Why the Vita is still special and alive and kicking

Why the Vita is still special and alive and kicking by @LastRealGamer On September 10th, RPGSite’s Twitter account (@rpgsite) made a 'funny/not so funny' joke about PS Vita; and VitaIsland got mad about it! You can read the tweet here: https://twitter.com/RPGSite/status/1039168568590389249 Now, you could say that total hardware sales and the fact that Sony does not... Continue Reading →

#14 VitaIslandViews – STAY

Hi VitaIslanders,  hope you are doing fine, it's time for another interview - for a great game which is coming already next week to PSN! STAY! I had the chance to ask the devs from Appnormals (@appnormals) some questions about the game - hope you enjoy the interview! _________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Can you explain a bit... Continue Reading →

#13 VitaIslandViews – The Long Reach

Hey VitaIslanders, hope you are doing fine! Time for a new interview on VitaIsland, this time with Painted Black Games about their horror adventure The Long Reach, hope you enjoy it! The game is already out on PSN, and you can pre-order physical copies on Signature Edition: https://signatureeditiongames.com/products/the-long-reach-signature-edition-vita _______________________________________________________________________________ Hi Roman and Vlad,  thanks for... Continue Reading →

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