#23 VitaIslandViews – Ratalaika Games

Hi VitaIslanders! Mid 2019, and Vita releases still coming every week, project #VITA2020 seems to be possible 😉 Today I have an interview for you with one of the most active Vita supporters out there - Adrian from Ratalaika Games! Enjoy! ____________________________________ Hi Adrian, thanks a lot for taking your time for this interview, I... Continue Reading →


#22 VitaIslandViews – KidTripp

Hi VitaIslanders, how are things going? I hope all fine! Good news, today I've got a new interview for you! And it's about a game which will be releasing soon for our favorite handheld: KidTripp! Hope you enjoy it! _________________________________ Hi Mick, thanks a lot for taking your time for this interview. Here come my... Continue Reading →

#21 VitaIslandViews – Furwind

Hi VitaIslanders,  good news, while Sony has stopped by now the cart production for the West, Eastasiasoft and PlayAsia are still taking new projects to produce us physical copies! Today at 5pm CEST (10am Chicago time) Furwind will be sold on PlayAsia! But, yeah, you haven't heard so far anything about the game -me neither...... Continue Reading →

#4 – VITAlity SteamWorld

Hi my friends from #VitaIsland, hope you are fine and had a good start into 2019! I also hope you already know the game series I want to talk about today - SteamWorld! Currently, there are three SteamWorld titles available on Vita: Dig 1 Dig 2 Heist Now, Image & Form have announced their new... Continue Reading →

#3 – VITAlity Xmas

Hi VitaIslanders, just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas with your friends and families, and already a good start into 2019! 2018 has been an awesome year for Vita, and I'm sure there are still superb games waiting for us in 2019. I know already about a couple of them, and so I... Continue Reading →

#19 VitaIslandViews – Scintillatron 4096

Hi my friends from #VitaIsland! It's December 2018, and we are getting some great releases on our Vitas! The Persona Dancing titles are already available on PSN, and today I would like to present you an interview that I had with Indie developer kFunction about their upcoming title Scintillatron 4096 - enjoy! ___________________________________ Hi Chris... Continue Reading →

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